Undergraduate Student Staff Training Schedule

Roommate Questions

2026 Undergraduate Staff Training

Joint training – Mentors & Aides TOGETHER

Resident Assistants Only 2026

Sun. 8/16Mon. 8/17


Tues. 8/18

Intl. Student Arrival

Aides away PM

Wed. 8/19

Aides away ALL DAY – AM & PM

Intl. Student Arrival

Thur. 8/20

Aides away PM

Fri. 8/21Sat. 8/22

Complex Desk Training

1st year SAA Orientation







Community Overview (1 hour)


Team Building


Relationship Building

(includes communication skills)


Personal Well Being

(includes personal and drugs/alcohol?)


Emergency Management



Behind Closed Doors (bi-hall)







Policies and Regulations (includes discriminatory incidents)
Roles/Expectations (video intro by Paul and Murray) (includes ethical decision making)Health/Safety & Crisis Management (includes Mental Health)


Staff Web


Substaff Lunch 
Team BuildingCommunity Development (3 hours)

(nuts and bolts – floor meetings, resident interviews, etc.)

Conflict Resolution & Management & Communication




1:15pm  N130 BCC (ALL CAMPUS)

MSU Police

(Controlled Burn)

Behind Closed Doors (continued)


Resource Center Open 1-4


Behind Closed Doors Prep
PMSubstaff – Expectations  (1 hour) (guidelines, social & peer responsibility)International Student Event (8p)




RC Open 6-9


International Student Event (8p)

International Student Event (8p)International Student Event (8p)

International Student Events – One per area per evening. Areas defined as: Brody/West Circle, MA/SP/Shaw, East, South.

Meal times: Breakfast - in hall. Lunch in Shaw - Brody/South: 11:45-12:45, East/North: 12:15-1:15. Dinner in Shaw – everyone 5:00-7:00

Weekend continental breakfast in Shaw: 7-8:30 a.m.

Sun. 8/23

Complex Based Desk Training

Int’l Student Orient.

Mon. 8/24


Tues. 8/25

Campus Wide Desk Staff Training (all day)

Aides away PM

Wed. 8/26

Aide away at Retreat KBS

Thur. 8/27

Aide away Retreat

Welcome Team Move In

Fri. 8/28Sat. 8/29




Identity (3 hours – in hall with co-facilitator) 


Know Your Complex


Fall WelcomeAgenda Setting

(bring calendars/ planners) (1 hour)


Student Groups (1 hour)





One Book, One CommunityOpening Nuts and BoltsClosure Activity (1 hour)


Fire Drill (11 a.m.?)Returning Staff PanelTraining Review


Resource Center Open 1-4


(2 hours – in hall with co-facilitator)

Task Time

·     Bulletin boards

·     Door tags

·     Touch base with AHD

·     Plan CD activities for 1st week

·    Int’l student visit

·    Prep for 1st floor mtg.

·    Finish The Soloist

·    Prep for res. interviews

Olin Institute for New Staff (BPS Bldg)


RSV Institute for New Staff (BPS Bldg)


RSV Refresher for Returning Staff (N130 BCC)


* Follow Schedule

Campus Resources & Conference Style Sessions (Start in Anthony Hall as a large group – followed by break out sessions in Anthony and Engineering.) More info to come.


All afternoon


Free Time


Substaff  Meeting and Processing
  Bulletin Boards/Door Tags Up by 11:59 p.m.Training Social & Staff Photos Kellogg Big 10 ABC

7-10 p.m.


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