Office Assistant duties and where you can find all the important documents and stuff

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Here’s a Summary of the OA duties and where you can find all the important documents and stuff!

Residence Hall Staff Office Assistant Job Responsibilities

Feel free to email/call/text me if you have any questions!!

OA email: benhallasu                Password:

The drive that you’ll be using is the “T” drive, the easiest way to get to it is with My Computer from the start menu.

The important folders are as follows:

OA Docs 10-11 (These are the kinda random files that I didn’t know where else to save, like rosters, bulletin board stuff, flyers, that sort of thing)

Student Incidents 10-11 (This is all the student files and the Template folder for the student files)

Here’s how to put together a folder/file for a student incident:

Every day Katie logs into staffweb to check for new incidents. She’ll email you any that you need to make files/folders for.

The folder needs to have the students name (Last, First) and room number on the top. The labels are in the top right drawer of Katie’s desk. The sharpies are in the main drawer at the top.

In each folder there needs to be a pink sheet and 2 copies of the white report sheet.

I have a template saved for each of these in the folder under Student Incidents 10-11 labeled “Templates”

Here’s a list of what you need to change on each (in case its not obvious for some reason)

Pink sheet:

Name, Room in Bryan, email, Case #, Case Type, Date and time and add room of incident in front of Bryan hall (sometimes there is no room number, I usually just put “lobby” or “B side door”), add others involved (the other students listed on Staff Web on the incident, whether they live in Bryan or not), and the 2-3 line summary of the incident. You DON’T need to add in the outcome – that’s for Katie.

For the pink sheet and the report sheet, its usually helpful to look at the student info page on staffweb for each student. To get to the person’s info, click on their name in staff web on the incident’s page, and then click on the “Student Info” – most of the info you need for this sheet and the report sheet will be on this page.

** To add another incident to a studen’ts pink sheet, open the second tray on the printer and put the sheet in the normal way you would read it. Then change the text you don’t want to print to white, and it should print just fine. If not, just print a new one and add in the info that Katie had written on the lines previously on your own.

Report Sheet:

Case #, Name, room #, email, date and time of incident, room in Bryan where the incident occurred, witnesses (usually just the mentors who were at the incident, whoever is mentioned in the report but not involved in the incident itself), DON’T add date of Conduct meeting (that’s for Katie), and paste the whole IR onto the bullet underneath.


You can go into staffweb and copy and paste the letter from before “to schedule…” which will take care of a lot of the filling in for you. To get to the letter on staffweb, click on the student’s name under the incident report, next to “actions”, go to “Letter – Schedule Meeting” (if its non alcohol), or “Schedule a Meeting and Complete E-chug Letter” (if alcohol is involved), and skip the notes page and use the letter template they give you. After you paste that part in, you’ll still need to add the allegation of why the student was written up – something like “may have been involved in an incident involving alcohol”, the date and time the student needs to reply by, and then the date and times that Katie is available from the email she sends you.

The subject line should say “Conduct Meeting with RD: NAME OF STUDENT”. Make sure you cc Katie on any emails you send out.

Once you finish the folder, put it in the top shelf of the black mailboxes on top of the file cabinet.

**It might be helpful for you to go back and look at some of the old reports and letters that I’ve done to help you figure out how to format stuff.


Checking the Night Recep reports on staffweb is pretty easy once you have access, it’s the one at the bottom of the main page of the Tracking tab.


I think this should include everything you need, if you want more information, you can look at the “Conduct Meeting Protocol” packet in the OA mailbox (the tan one on the shelf by the printer) or email me if there’s something you don’t remember.

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