Roommate Questions

Roommate Discussion Questions Agreement Contract Topics to Discuss

**Roommate Discussion Questions**


Please spend at LEAST 10 minutes discussing the following topics with your roommate! Make sure you talk about these things today or tomorrow!


  1. What are your sleeping habits? (What time do you go to bed, do you sleep with the t.v. on, etc.)


  1. What are your study habits? (Can you study with music on? Etc.)


  1. How are we going to handle visitors to the room? How late can they stay over? How much notice are we going to give each other?


  1. Do you smoke? Do you drink? Do you like to come home late?


  1. What happens when we talk on the phone? Are you going to let each other know when you need privacy? Will one of you go out in the hall?
  1. Discuss the T.V. schedule. If there are shows you absolutely HAVE to watch, let each other know! Avoid hogging the remote!


  1. What types of music do you like to listen to? How loud is too loud?


  1. How did you grow up? Discuss your family and what types of rules/ expectations you grew up with.


  1. If you have a refrigerator…are we going to share food? Do we want to take turns buying water?


  1. Discuss cleaning! Are you a neat freak or are you kinda messy? Who will take out the garbage/vacuum the floor/etc.?


This is the time to get everything out on the table! Be open and honest and make sure you listen to everything the other person says before you talk! If there are any problems or conflicts please let one of the Aides or Mentors know so we can help! This is your home, their home, and our home!


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