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A Staff Member is to: 

  • Establish and use a floor e-mail list on a consistent basis. Frequent short interactions are more often more meaningful. It is a good idea to ask questions of your floor residents via e-mail. You may find you establish a close electronic connection with someone on your floor that you may not actually see that often. 


  • Turn in accurate paperwork such as the Duty Report, Information/Incident reports, programming form, Connection Logs resident contact forms, etc. and meet all deadlines. See the Assistant Hall Director’s Expectations for further information.  


* We are aiming for 100% in this area. Every task that has a deadline must be met.   If for someone reason a deadline can not be met, the Assistant Hall Director should be notified well in advance. 


  • Distribute and/or post University related materials in order to keep residents informed of upcoming events and policies. 


  • Report any maintenance needs to the front desk. Any maintenance problems (i.e. lights out in stairwells) found on duty need to have a maintenance request filled out and submitted as well as noted on the duty report that same day it was noticed.  


  • Complete incident reports as soon as possible after the incident. The information in the incident reports are critical in judicial hearings that occur many times months after the incident. If there are circumstances where you are unable to complete the report immediately (i.e. you are on your way to class), please complete it as soon as you (i.e. after you return from class).  


   Incident reports should be typed into the staff office computer immediately after      the incident. There will be further instruction about how to do this in the staff office. 


  • Check your staff office, voice mail, e-mail, and personal mailboxes daily.   


  • Respond to all correspondence within 48 hours or less from when they were sent. 


  • Assume responsibility for additional tasks on an “as needed or assigned” basis. 





Residence Hall is a designated alcohol-free building. NO alcohol is allowed in Residence Hall. This means NO alcohol whether it is open or not. This also means NO alcohol regardless of age. This means NO alcohol whether the person lives in Residence Hall or not. We hold Residence residents responsible for their guests. This means NO alcohol in Residence Hall! 


The following outlines the Alcohol Use requirements and responsibilities: 


  • Be aware of yourself as a role model if you choose to consume alcohol.  


You will be amazed at how many people know that you are a Resident Assistant. This is not limited to only Residence Hall but all of the Brody Complex (and in some instances, campus-wide).  


While we work with the student maintenance workers, desk and night receptionist staffs, they are NOT Department of Residence Life staff and are not held to the same expectations as you. For role modeling purposes, these students/residents are the same as any other Residence/Brody residents.  


Do not assume that Residence Staff Life members from other buildings on campus are held to the same expectation as you with regards to alcohol. YOU ARE SPECICAL – YOU LIVE IN AN ALCOHOL-FREE BUILDING! Take pride in this! The ramifications (on you, your staff, and the residents of Residence Hall) of your behavior are much greater here if you violate these expectations!  


Adhere to the laws of the State and the policies of Indiana State University, as well as the policies of the Department of Residence Life.  In addition, it is expected that RESIDENT ASSISTANTs under the age of 21 will not allow guests to consume alcohol in their residence hall room. Residence Hall is totally alcohol-free! 


  • Follow the Departmental guidelines when consuming (0-1-3). Do not provide alcohol to any staff or student under the age of 21. Refrain from becoming intoxicated because intoxication does not fall within the framework of an acceptable, positive role model. 


Do not drink alcohol in the residence halls  (campus-wide) regardless of age. 


Do not consume alcohol within 12 hours of duty. 


Refer situations in the hall requiring attention to another staff member if you are in any way under the influence of alcohol. 


Avoid places which cater to and allow underage drinking so as to avoid confusion and mixed messages in role modeling. If you find yourself in a situation (i.e. bar, party, social event) where students are underage, you are encouraged to leave.  


  • Are an agent of the University EVEN on a Football Saturday.  


Do not have contact with residents if you are under the influence.  


Educate students on the psychological and physiological effects of alcohol and other illegal drugs.  Confront students regarding inappropriate use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and identify and hold them accountable for their behavior. Identify and intervene with students you suspect may have an alcohol abuse or related problem. 

  • Share information regarding students’ use of alcohol and other health-related situations with Senior Staff. 
  • DO NOT confiscate alcohol or drugs from residents. If alcohol is confronted and found, all alcohol must be poured out by the resident(s). If drugs are found, please contact Senior Staff. 
  • Do not use illegal drugs (including marijuana) in any residence hall. Refrain from using any illegal drugs out of hall in the presence of students and/or staff.

Deal swiftly and effectively with the sale of drugs in your hall. If you become aware that a student is selling/dealing drugs, the Hall Senior Staff must be informed. 


A Staff Member is to: 

Keep the office door open while in the office unless a private meeting is taking place.  


Keep the office clean and in proper working order. This involves dumping trash, taking care of pop cans, vacuuming, etc.  


Leave the staff phone line open–it is NOT for social calls! 


Do not use the Assistant Hall Director’s phone line in the staff office. 


Do not use the office for storage. 


Be considerate with supplies– If more supplies are needed, inform Senior Staff.  


Do not remove supplies from the office. You can cut butcher paper in the office and take it up to your floor. 


Respect the confidentiality of the files and papers in the office. (This means not searching or looking through files or other papers for any reason.) 


The Staff Member is to: 

Direct all parental inquiries to a Senior Staff member 

Do not contact parents of residents. Only full time University employees may do so.      


A Staff Member is to: 

say, “I would Residence not comment” or “please contact the Director.” 

All requests for information by outside media (including the State News) other than hall program publicity must be referred to the Resident Director. 

Always direct press and media to Senior Staff! 



A Staff Member is to:  

  • Provide at least one social activity per day during Welcome Days starting Wednesday, August 23 until Sunday, August 27. 


  • Provide at least three (3) informal social programs a month. Two of these programs need to be done on a Friday or Saturday night. The other program should be done during the week.  


An informal social program may include watching a TV show as a floor, going to dinner, playing sports, etc. These programs are not suppose to require extensive planning but are to be informal. If possible, advertising (or an effort to include all floor members) should be made.   


Diversify your activities! Going to dinner with your floor or playing basketball should on be used as a social program once or twice a semester, not every week. I am not saying that you should only DO this once or twice, just plan other things for your social program than these types of events. By planning different events, you’ll be different people interested in attending. 


Any activities should promote community and not involve alcohol, drugs, or involve any other activity that would be contrary to the Residence Life mission.  The activity should be one in which everyone could be included and no one excluded.  


  • Provide at least two formal social events a semester. A formal event is held outside of the hall and is open to all members of the community and has at least 25% of the floor attending. Examples of such events are attending a Wharton Center production, ice skating at Munn, lectures, concerts, etc. 


  • Provide two academic activities and two multicultural activities per semester. Resident Assistants should work with the Senior Resident Assistants in each competency to plan these events. 


  • Assist and support other staff member’s programs. This includes Senior Resident Assistants’ programs, Minority Aides, and Resident Assistants. Some of your best resources are on your staff! 



  • Duty times are as follows: 

There will be one Resident Assistant on duty Sunday through Wednesday nights from 6:50pm to 7:00am the next morning.  


On Thursday nights, there will be ___ persons on duty.  


On Friday and Saturday nights, there will be two Resident Assistants on duty each night from 6:50pm to 7:00am the next morning.  


One Assistant Hall Director will be on duty/on call for all six Brody buildings starting at 5:00pm and ending at approximately 8:00am Sunday through Thursday. One North Brandy (Butterfield, Stuart, and Residence) Assistant Hall Director and one South Brandy (Armstrong, Bailey, and Emmons) Assistant Hall Director are on duty Friday at 5:00pm to Sunday at 5:00pm. There may be exceptions to this. However, you will always call 7–242- 9900 to check into duty seven days a week.  


Arrive at the staff office no later than 6:50pm.  


Be available for duty from 6:50 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. the following morning.  Resident Assistants are expected to be available during this time.  


Do not make or receive personal phone calls on the staff line.   


Do not use the staff office computer for personal use. E-mail can be checked from the lobby area computers. The staff computer is to be used for Residence Life purposes ONLY.  


  • Call the Assistant Hall Director/Senior Staff on duty no later than 7:00pm.  


  • Be in your room while on duty with the door open when you are not in the office or on rounds.  Any exception to this must be approved by the Senior Staff person on duty. 


  • Be in the building at all times while on duty.  


  • Be available by telephone while you are on duty. While you may have voice mail, it is required that you are available to address situations (emergency or not). If you receive a personal telephone call while you are on duty, keep the call very short. If you have a personal situation that requires you to be on the telephone, please contact the Senior Staff person on duty. You are encouraged to borrow a telephone within earshot of your own if you need to make a phone call. 


  • Carry the staff pager with you at all times. The pager does not exempt you from being on the telephone during duty. The above expectation still exists. The purpose of the pager is to provide a way for you to be reached while on rounds or responding to a situation.  


  • Return the staff pager to the staff office no later than 6:30pm the day after you are on duty. Out of respect for your fellow Resident Assistants, please be conscious about returning the pager.  


Place current and correct duty signs in the lobby before 7:00pm. This is SO critical!  


  • There must be 2 sets of these rounds on the weekdays and 3 on the weekends and one may be during a normal round time and the others on an off round time.  They should not occur at the same time each night. You are encouraged to do the last weekend night rounds NO earlier than 1:00am. This is when our presence is needed the most!   


A “round” is defined as walking the complete building (every floor on both the A and B wing) and checking public areas such as laundry rooms and study lounges. Skipping floors or speed rounds (less than 30 minutes) are unacceptable! 


Confront in teams of two and includes requests for staff assistance during the night. 


Duty Changes 

  • Duty switches should be kept to a minimum.
  • Any changes should be done not later than 24 hours in advance. If you require an exception to this time requirement, you need to call the Assistant Hall Director AND complete a duty switch form. 
  • If you are on the duty schedule, you are responsible for finding a Resident Assistant (within Residence Hall) to switch with you. The person listed on the schedule will be held responsible for duty for that night.  


  • Do not split duty within the same night (i.e. Resident Assistant A from 6:50pm to 8:00pm and then Resident Assistant B from 8:00pm …). This causes undue confusion for the everyone (Senior Staff on duty, accuracy of cards, etc.). If you have a conflict for part of the duty time, you are encouraged to switch the duty. In cases where this is not possible, please let the Assistant Hall Director know.  


  • Resident Assistants switching duty must complete a “Duty Switch” form located in the staff office. Note: The form requires both Resident Assistant’s signatures and must be turned into the “Duty Switches” mailbox in the staff office which is monitored by the Assistant Hall Director.  


  • Assistant Hall Director and/or the Office Assistant are the ONLY two people allowed to make changes to the Master Duty Schedule located in the staff office.  


Fall Opening Duty Schedule 

* Weekday duty coverage from Wednesday, August 23 to Wednesday, September 6 will  have at least one Resident Assistant and one Senior Resident Assistant/Senior Staff member on duty. The purpose of this is twofold: one, to support the development of Resident Assistants; and two, to train Resident Assistants how to confront (which involves Resident Assistants doing most of the confronting in the early weeks with Senior Resident Assistant/Staff providing feedback and support).  In the early weeks of first semester, there may be more duty nights required than usual for all of the Staff.  


Special Duty Coverage 

  • Duty coverage is required over Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, and Graduation weekends (following Finals week). Do not make plans for these times before the duty schedules have been done. In fairness to everyone, thinking about your plans during these times needs to be done in advance to ensure duty coverage is done in a reasonable amount of time for people to make plans.   
  • Resident Assistants are expected to participate in “closing” the building (Friday, December 15th, 2000 and Friday, May 4, 2001). If you are graduating, you are exempt from this. Not all Resident Assistants will need to be here BUT do not make plans (i.e. plane tickets) until these plans have been made by the staff. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Assistant Hall Director.  
  • Finals week duty schedules will be done later in the semester once finals’ schedules are determined. You may be required to be on duty extra during finals weeks. You will be expected to be in the building as much as possible during this week to help enforce 24 hour quiet hours.  

Additional Considerations 

  • Duty should be distributed fairly. While the Assistant Hall Director will monitor this, staff members should do their best to make sure that this occurs.  
  • Unexpected, additional duty may be required. Please be flexible! 


(Assistant Hall Director’s Copy) 


I have read and understand the Residence Hall Staff Expectations and the Assistant Hall Director’s Expectations. I also understand that failure to meet these expectations may result in a review of my job performance, probation, or dismissal. 


Staff Member Signature: ___________________________ ____Date: __________ 


Asst. hall director Signature:___________________________Date:___________ 


Resident director Signature:____________________________Date:___________ 


(Resident Assistant’s Copy) 


I have read and understand the Residence Hall Staff Expectations and the Assistant Hall Director’s Expectations. I also understand that failure to meet these expectations may result in a review of my job performance, probation, or dismissal. 


Staff Member Signature: ___________________________ ____Date: __________ 


Asst. hall director Signature:___________________________Date:___________ 


Resident director Signature:__________________

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