Krissy’s Top Goals for Spring Semester as an Assistant Hall Director 


Krissy’s Top Goals for Spring Semester as an Assistant Hall Director 

(Based on feedback from Hall Director, the Resident Assistants and her self-evaluation) 

  • Work with the Resident Assistants staff to develop effective training sessions based on their needs. Delegate the trainings to the more experienced Resident Assistants so that they can get experience with professional presentations and so that they can learn from one another. 
  • Work with McGrath Hall government e-board to help them become more self-sufficient, confident and better at leading in the hall. 
  • Develop a vision and goals for the semester 
  • Plan an afternoon retreat to help them develop their leadership skills 
  • Lay out explicit expectations so they know what is expected of them
  • Have two successful programs/events driven by Government 
  • Hold judicial meetings with residents as Shandra delegates them to me in order to gain confidence and proficiency in this area, which at this point is lacking. 
  • Prioritize and plan ahead 
  • Begin planning programs at least two to three weeks in advance and work with the staff to iron out all details 
  • Plan and hold office hours weekly to keep on top of judicial and paperwork as well as connect with residents 
  • Take care of minor things as they come up (ie: respond to emails immediately, etc…) 
  • Establish a visible presence around the hall 
  • Do rounds at least once a week 
  • Attend in-hall programs when they do not conflict with classes and/or meetings—at least attempt to be at events for 10 to 15 minutes to show support and have a presence with students 
  • Put out the Krissy Courier at least three times this semester 
  • Continue to work on my relationships with the Resident Assistantss in order to help them perform to the best of their ability 
  • Bring in at least one or two guest speakers/trainers for the staff 
  • Delegate better 
  • Trainings to senior Resident Assistantss 
  • Government things (ads, bulletin boards, emails) to e-board members 
  • Staff Recognition!! Monthly Bulletin Board. Part of your newsletter. Sign on their door also.  
  • Promoting/Supporting academic success 
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