Human Bingo Ice Breaker / Team Builder

University of Mississippi

Great Team Builder / Ice Breaker for Almost Any Size Group.

Facilitator can add additional elements such as: Spend 30 seconds introducing yourself to each other before asking a Bingo Question or You can ask one follow-up question.


 Directions: Walk up to others and introduce yourself. Find answers to the following questions by asking others in the room.  In the space provided, write down the name of the person who answered the question. You cannot use the same person for more than one square. 


The goal is to complete the entire board.  GOOD LUCK! 



Has gone skydiving or bungee jumping. Plays a musical instrument or sings in a choir. Find someone who is a packaging major Is a vegetarian. Find someone who is an accounting major Can (and will) do salsa or merengue 
Find someone who comes from a family with four or more children.   


Find someone who knows what ‘Cinco De Mayo’ is. Speaks at least three languages Knows what an Aide does in Rather Does not like chocolate. Find a Journalism major 


Find someone who knows what ‘Yom Kippur’ is. Knows who _____  is and what she does here 


Find someone from Novi Find someone who is not a freshmen.    You both have the same major. Knows what an ombudsman is? 
Someone who is the oldest child in the family Someone who is the only child in the family Can touch their 

tongue to their 


Has met a famous person. 



Can stand on their hands Eats Sushi 
Has been to more than three states in the USA Has been to more than three countries Knows who _____ is and what he does here Has been to Meijer’s within the last 24 hours 


Find someone who is pre-nursing major Has never flown in an airplane 
Knows what a Mentor does Who used to cheer! Spends way too much time on the internet Has their own car Has gone skinny-dipping in the last four years. 


Excited and optimistic about this year 


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