Hall Director Office Door Sign

Professional Student Photograph Outside

Sign for Hall Directors and Assistant Hall Directors to hang outside of their office

Resident Director: Qiana 

 Contact Information 

 For Emergencies Please call 911 


Please contact me with NON-EMERGENCY concerns/questions in my office during regular business hours. M-F: 10am – 5pm 

 My Office Phone Number is 355-2719 


For EVENING NON-EMERGENCIES and EMERGENCIES, the Mentor on Duty/Night Receptionist/AHD on Duty/Director on Duty will contact me:  please make initial contact with them. 


7am – MidNight: 

The Front Desk – 355-2717 


Midnight – 7am: 

The Night Receptionist  


7pm – 7am:   

The Mentor on Duty – 819-5429 

See Duty Board in Lobby 


5pm – 8am:   

The Assistant Hall Director on Duty 

 24 hours a Day 

The Resident Director on Duty 


10am – 5 pm: 

If you cannot reach me during the day,  

contact the Front Desk – 355-2717 

 Please know I am available for emergencies but please respect my private family residence. 

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