Green Ecology Related Games & Activities: Fun and Educational

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Green Ecology Related Games 

Program Suggestion Guide 

Promoting Recycle Mania 
  • Green Sweeps: collecting recyclable items and depositing them at the recycling center in your residence hall 
  • Surplus Sweeps: collecting unwanted items that can be donated to the MSU Surplus Store 
  • Diverting Waste Program-inform residents about the many ways to reduce or divert waste to the landfills. 
  • Recycled Bowling- Have students create bowling pins from used 2 liter bottles (or other bottles in their rooms). You can decorate the bottles with paints or markers. You can also decorate by placing shredded paper inside the bottles; this adds color and weight to the bottles. Then set the pins up and begin bowling using a large ball such as a basketball or kickball. 
  • The Science of Reuse – Find a reusable or recyclable item (ex. Milk jug, flower pot). Have the students think of additional ways to use the item. Reward the student or group who finds the most uses for the item. 
  • Recycle Jeopardy: Click on Education on the left-hand side of the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on: You will also find some useful Teacher’s aids at Douglas County’s Educator ’s Information THEN you’ll see the link for Recycle Jeopardy which has all of the questions so you can make it up and get student to play and hopefully give them a prize. 
  • Paper Making – 
  • Fun Junk Function Create a Fun Junk Art Contest! OBJECTIVE: Organize a contest to make something creative out of junk to promote recycling, reuse, and resource conservation! Get everyone involved, have prizes, and most of all, make it fun! 
  • Show a movie about recycling for example Reuse It: The Movie 
  • Detecting Recycling Definitions matching activity 
Civic Engagement/Community Service  
  • Attending a lecture on campus about recycling and sustainability 
  • Hosting a lecture on campus about recycling and sustainability 
  • Participating in Red Cedar clean-up 
  • Register for a community service project through the Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement  
Sustainability initiative program  
  • Hosting a program about water conservation 
  • Coordinating a dim down event Fridays 12 noon – 1pm 
  • Hosting a program about energy conservation  
  • Invite a student whose major specializes in Sustainability to dinner with your residents. Geoff Habron works with students in this program 


Passive or Communication Program  
  • Creating and submitting a RecycleMania Video by 2/14 
  • Green Certification for your floor 
  • Volunteering in dining facility contact Carla Iansiti, Sustainability Officer in Culinary Services – Office (517)355-9725 
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