Expectations for Educational/Issues-Related Bulletin Boards


Expectations for Educational/Issues-Related Bulletin Boards

Armstrong Hall


  1. When you agree to do a bulletin board as part of an in-hall judicial agreement, the first thing you need to do is talk to your mentor about the space she/he would like you to use, and when he/she will have space for you to put your bulletin board up.  After you have talked to your mentor, please e-mail the RD or the AD to let us know what you discussed with your mentor.                              Jll’s e-mail: liechj@ms.edu

Lsa’s e-maildelvech@ms.edu


  1. Your bulletin board must look tidy, creative, eye-catching and professional.  Therefore, you will need to put time into creating it in order to get your message across. Here are some guidelines to help you create an attractive bulletin board:


  • Before putting up your bulletin board, the white backing behind the bulletin board must be replaced if it is ripped, written on, or defaced in any other way. There is “butcher paper” and a stapler available to you in the staff office if you need to put fresh paper up.
  • There should be a border around the edges of the bulletin board.
  • Use colorful pictures, paper, stenciling, creative layouts, shapes, markers, hand-drawn lettering, etc. (supplies are available in the staff office) to catch people’s eyes.
  • The board must have a positive message – this means no rude or crude language or pictures.
  • If your bulletin board is torn down or defaced (written on, etc.), it is your responsibility to replace or fix it within 72 hours.


  1. You are expected to complete a board with the theme agreed upon at your initial investigative meeting with the RD or AD.
  2. When you have completed the bulletin board, you will contact the RD or AD through e-mail to notify them of your completion. If this notification is not given, it will be assumed that you have not completed the task, and your case will be forwarded to the MSU Judicial Affairs Office.




I, __________________________________(name) have agreed to complete a bulletin board regarding____________________________________________________________________________________________________by ____________________________(date).  I will follow the guidelines given and will notify the RD or AD when I have completed the task.____________________________________________________


Resident’s signature                        date


___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

R.D. or A.D. signature                     date

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