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Expectations for Educational/Issues-Related Bulletin Boards

Expectations for Educational/Issues-Related Bulletin Boards Armstrong Hall   When you agree to do a bulletin board as part of an in-hall judicial agreement, the first thing you need to do is talk to your mentor about the space she/he would […]


Assistant Director Staff Expectations

DIRECTOR EXPECTATIONS For the Assistant Director Staff 2002-03 Supervision Insure that staff is prepared to infuse the CORE in your unit. Develop and communicate clear expectations regarding job responsibilities to supervisees. Conduct weekly or bi-weekly sub staff meetings; these meetings […]


Staff Expectation Questionary

    What are Your Expectations?               How are you feeling right now in regards to your position within Bryan Hall?               Name three things (areas) you would like […]


Activities for Reward/Recognition

Ideas:   High Fives (Directors/Central Staff)- Each month will have a different theme for who you can give them too Ideas for the rest of this semester-   October- Sucker Ghosts – To be given to the “invisible supporters” you […]


Staff Meeting Agenda Example

Agenda for Staff Meeting Ice Breaker What is one dream that you have that we might not know about? One way you’ve made a difference to a resident this year. Business Confrontation Activity Split into pairs and write one situation […]


AHD “To Do List” During Fall Training

AHD “To Do List” During Fall Training   Settle into your apartment – complete inventory and provide manager with lists of concerns Get to know other AHDs in your area Become familiar with the buildings/facilities in your area of campus […]

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