AHD “To Do List” During Fall Training


AHD “To Do List” During Fall Training


  • Settle into your apartment – complete inventory and provide manager with lists of concerns
  • Get to know other AHDs in your area
  • Become familiar with the buildings/facilities in your area of campus
  • Attend all training sessions
  • Make sure that Mentors attend ALL training sessions, lunch, and dinner
  • Check your staff mailbox AT LEAST once a day (share information with Mentors as appropriate)
  • Complete first two weeks of school duty schedule (DONE by ) – Duty begins 8/16
  • Make sure that all bulletin boards are completed in your building(s) (DONE by 8-24)
  • Make sure that Mentors have completed one door decoration for each of their residents (DONE by 8-24)
  • Complete one door decoration for each of your Mentors (DONE by 8-15)
  • Make sure that Mentors have completed public area reports (DUE by 8-15)
  • Notify your Director of any facility concerns in your cluster/building ASAP
  • Make sure that Mentors have any required room materials in students rooms (DONE by 8-24)
  • Make sure that Mentors have planned their first floor meeting and posted signs with the time and location on each floor (DONE by 8-24)
  • Attend first-year student floor meetings
  • Make sure that the following list of signage has been made/posted on each floor (DONE by 8-24)
  • Things to take home (appliances with exposed heating coils, halogen lamps, etc…)
  • Pet policy (only fish)
  • Storage policy for furnishings
  • Loft policy and guidelines
  • Parent Reception/Meeting times and locations
  • Where to park
  • Dining hall hours
  • Housing service center location, hours, and services
  • Laundry facility location
  • How to receive mail address
  • Emergency numbers
  • “We’re Here to Help” signs
  • “Who’s on Duty” calendar posted by door
  • Orientation/Opening schedule of events (highlight main events or schedule place to meet prior)
  • Collect RA class schedules (DONE by 9-1)
  • Submit personal class schedule to Director (DONE by 9-10)
  • Make sure that opening shifts and duty shifts are covered and evenly distributed
  • Sign-up for first one-on-one meeting with Director (DONE by 8-24)
  • Meet and greet each student and their parents as they arrive
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