Activities for Reward/Recognition




High Fives (Directors/Central Staff)- Each month will have a different theme for who you can give them too Ideas for the rest of this semester-


October- Sucker Ghosts - To be given to the "invisible supporters" you have had that month - They are attached to a note you may write on about how they have been supportive.


November-Cornucopia (small bags with candy corn, and other goodies)- To be given to all the people they are thankful for having around and on their side that month. Again with a note


December- Wishes (these will be used at the end of the semester event) - Each Director will write a Wish on a die cut star for each other director in their area, and if they would like for any others in the department they have a relationship with.  "My wish for you  . . . ."  They will be presented as a Bag of Wishes, to each director at the end of the semester event in leu of certificate awards.


High Fives For AHD's - I think I would like to do a monthly raffle for a movie ticket for 1-3 AHD's a month, If not a movie ticket it could be $5 to coffee, or some other off campus "escape" along with a note about how they are appreciated. Do you think they should be nominated for the raffle by their director or it should be a raffle that includes all of them and they can each only win once?   I also think some of these things we might be able to get donated. 


Forms of Recognition and Thanks-


Bag of Wishes for each person (might have each person pick a fav to read out loud to the group)


Potted plant with decorated pot that will include quote from people on how specific person has helped them "Grow" this semester. I will be asking AHD's to give feedback for directors as well as Directors to give feed back for their AD and other central staff members - people will also be given the opportunity to give statements for other people at their same level.


you will notice that with both the wishes and Growth pot I do not wan to require everyone to give statements about everyone else, I would prefer fewer per person that are more genuine than when people have to give 40 sentences/words and don't spend the time to really make them meaningful. I will make sure EVERYONE is recognized.




Res Life BINGO! (a game to get to know one another, laugh and get to stay seated! lol)


- I was also thinking it would be fun to have some decks of cards so groups can play games while people are settling, and hang out with more than just chatting.


We could also play really fun and easy dice game - might be a bit competitive but you can play with lots of people and would get peoples heart rates up.


Create Your Own Field Trip



Why not bring the kids to Art Unlimited and let them paint a piece of pottery? Our field trip programs have been specially designed for school and scout groups and offer a hands-on learning experience like no other.

If you want a paint your own pottery program to come to you, we can help with that too! For groups of 20 or more, we can send a staff person out to help you create art projects at your site. For groups with less than 20 folks, we can put together a pottery-to-go kit for you! Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you with your field trip plans.

**Some restricitions apply - see below



$5.00 Items:
little critters (so cute!)
condiment dishes (great for trinkets!)
4" tiles (coaster sized art!)

$7.00 Items:
small bowls (great for ice cream!)
small vases (adorable gift idea!)
6" tiles (great for handprints!)

$9.00 Items:
dessert plates
medium vases (perfect for flowers from the garden!)

$10 Items:
mugs (great gifts for mom or dad!)

$12 Items:
dinner plates



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